DM Ukraina


Authors: David Maisuradze, Gepra

The Ukrainian language is written using Cyrillic, a script with a beautiful and long history. Cyrillic is often mistakenly called the Russian script, but this script has less historical connection with modern Russia. Cyrillic was created in Bulgaria in the 9th century, and then it spread among people speaking the Old Slavic language. In the Middle Ages, one of the main Slavic scribal centers, where calligraphers created handwritten books, was Kiev. New calligraphic currents of Cyrillic were created and developed in Ukrainian monasteries. The font "Ukraine" is based on one of the historical calligraphic types, which spread not only to Ukraine but also to the Slavic countries of the South and East.

The font "Ukraine" is dedicated to the Ukrainian people and, in general, to love and freedom between people. In addition to Cyrillic, it contains Georgian and Latin scripts stylized with Slavic aesthetics, as well as all letters and signs for the Abkhazian language. So, all European (and not only) languages can be written with this font.

დიდება უკრაინას! Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine!
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